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Green Environmental Services is proud to announce that they are one of the 3 Commercial Waste carters who have been selected for a contract to operate in the Staten Island Zone as part of New York City's Commercial Waste Zone plan. See more here in the City's official announcement.

The New York City Commercial Waste Zones refers to a waste management reform plan proposed by the city. The plan aims to divide the city into zones, each zone serviced by three non-exclusive waste hauling companies. This is a change from the previous system where multiple private carting companies competed for business throughout the city.

The proposed Commercial Waste Zones plan was designed to address various issues associated with the private waste hauling industry in New York City. Some of the goals of the plan include improving safety, reducing truck traffic and associated environmental impacts, and ensuring fair labor practices within the waste-hauling industry.

By assigning specific zones to selected waste-hauling companies, the city intended to streamline operations, reduce truck congestion, and improve overall efficiency in waste collection and disposal. Additionally, the plan aimed to enhance environmental and labor standards by setting requirements for participating waste haulers.

You can learn more about the NYC Commercial Waste Zones by visiting the official NYC DSNY Website linked here.


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